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Profile picture of Giel

Offer from Giel


After a busy working life and enjoying retirement (and rest) for some years now, I now want to "make myself useful" to others, preferab...

Profile picture of Annemarie

Offer from Annemarie


I would like to offer my knowledge and skills to clubs or associations that want to work seriously and systematically. For example, sec...

Profile picture of Brigitte

Offer from Brigitte


I've always had a busy job. I have been retired for several years now. I have a busy social life. But I would love to do something for ...

Profile picture of Mony

Offer from Mony


I have always worked with great passion in art education and have just retired. I want to use my knowledge and skills, preferably in a ...

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Profile picture of Bert

Bert's offer


I recently retired and would like to use my experience (management, education/training, legal/administrative) for social goals.

Profile picture of Yusuf Ziya

Offer from Yusuf Ziya

Yusuf Ziya

Başkaları için faydalı olmayı, sorunlar karşısında elimden geldiği kadarıyla çözüm odaklı olmayı ve insanlarla ...

Profile picture of Healthy

Offerings from Lavinia


I'm looking for people I can coach and help with life questions, sports, mental health, and so on.

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Profile picture of Ian

Offer from Ian


It is a normal thing to want to do something for others. I am a relative newcomer to the Netherlands and I have many skills and some f...

Profile picture of Nicolette

Offer from icolette


I can paint jobs, lay laminate and I'm a professional bicycle repairman

Profile picture of Jack

Offer from Jack


I'm Jack, I'm standing alone and I'm looking for social contacts and I'm really a people person, I used to work a lot with youth such a...

Profile picture of Marianne

Offer from Marianne


I have done library work for many years. Would love to do something along those lines. I also like classical music, art and of course r...

Profile picture of Sanne

Offer from sanne


I have more time available and find it important to be socially active, preferably close to my own city. I have experience with trainin...

Profile picture of Anuradha

Offer from Anuradha


I believe that we all in society are responsible for each other. I like meeting new people and what better than meeting people who need...

Profile picture of Ezgi

Offer from Ezgi


I would like to make someone else's day better and bring more peace. I am urgently looking for volunteer work on behalf of the SJD trai...

Profile picture of Karin

Karin's offer


Due to circumstances I got out of the labor process early. I would like to be active, especially looking for something that gives me e...

Profile picture of Ratha

Offerings from Ratha


At the moment I am following my integration process and would like to gain work experience and learn from the people here in the Nether...

Profile picture of Nazlı

Offer from Nazlı


I am a sculptor and ex copywriter. I have a lot of time to spend useful and meaningful things. I want to meet people and help/support t...

Profile picture of Ingrid

Offer from Ingrid


I am alone and looking for a daytime activity. I want to do something to expand my social network. I like being with people. I have CO...

Profile picture of Hetty

Offer from Hetty


I am an NT2 teacher with my own language school. At the moment I have very few students, and therefore more free time. I would like to ...

Profile picture of Monica

Offer from Monica


I would like to help children with homework one on one. I also enjoy gardening and would like to do something in this direction as wel...

Profile picture of Sara

Sara .'s offerings


Our two children have just left home and I have just finished teaching (Dutch secondary school teacher). We have lived abroad for a lon...

Profile picture of Wouter

Wouter's offer


My name is Wouter, I'm 26, and I've been living in Haarlem since the beginning of this year. I get energy from my work, social contacts...

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