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Image about 1. Language assistant NT2-Education

1. Language assistant NT2-Education


Activities: Assisting a teacher in a group of NT2 students (Dutch as a 2nd language) Level: 0-A1 low level. No preparation, teacher t...

Image about Bird caretaker

Bird caretaker


Do you want to help us with the birds? As a bird caretaker, you and other volunteers clean the bird cages, so that our sick and injure...

Image about Do you have a few hours once a month?

Do you have a few hours once a month?

De Hartekampgroep

Once a month on Wednesday evening (18:30 - 20:30) there is a group of clients who enjoy music. They do this in a space that is connecte...

Image about Technical assistant

Technical assistant


Activities: The Bird Hospital is looking for volunteers with a technical slant. In March 2015 we moved to our new location in an old fa...

Image about Green job is looking for a volunteer

Green job is looking for a volunteer

De Hartekampgroep

Sometimes we really think it's a mess! Weeds are growing, tiles are turning green and the planters and inner garden also deserve some a...

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Image about Domestic worker

Domestic worker


Activities: We are looking for people who want to help keep our building clean, such as canteen, educational space, treatment room, etc...

Image about Are you moving enough?

Are you moving enough?

De Hartekampgroep

Do you want to fundamentally improve your health? Are you not always able to take enough steps per day? Do you like walking and would y...

Image about Independent recreation leader Haarlem
Te Zaanenkwartier

Independent recreation leader Haarlem

Stichting Wielewaal

Independent and creative Recreation Manager wanted at our location in Haarlem. We stay there in the beautifully situated Stayokay. T...

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Image about Helpful doers wanted!!

Helpful doers wanted!!

De Hartekampgroep

We are looking for handy volunteers to hang all kinds of things, paint a wall, put together a cupboard, etc. We are the specialist n...

Image about Are you a happy young lady?

Are you a happy young lady?

De Hartekampgroep

Are you an enthusiastic young lady who is very inventive in coming up with fun things. Do you chat and laugh a lot and are you in for a...

Image about Handyman for the Bird Hospital

Handyman for the Bird Hospital


Do you have two right hands and want to do some odd jobs now and then? We regularly have jobs such as painting and carpentry, tiling, p...

Image about Temporary support for a family
Bloemendaal, Molenwijk, Parkwijk

Temporary support for a family

Humanitas Home Start Haarlem

For a single-parent family, Home-Start is looking for a volunteer who can offer support to the mother by visiting once a week and think...

Image about Gardening together Bolwerksepoort!
Te Zaanenkwartier

Gardening together Bolwerksepoort!

De Hartekampgroep

We are a group of people with a mental disability and we live in Nieuw Vennep. We would be very happy to find someone who would like to...

Image about Assistant support school visits
Oude Stad

Assistant support school visits

Museum Haarlem

Museum Haarlem is the city museum where you can experience the history of Haarlem and mirror it to the present. The city's history is t...

Image about Tour guides wanted
Oude Stad

Tour guides wanted

Museum Haarlem

Now that the visitor numbers of museums are increasing again, we expect more groups from the summer. That is why we want to expand our ...

Image about Piet has nothing to do with his pension!

Piet has nothing to do with his pension!

De Hartekampgroep

Are you also crazy about eating something once in a while? Just a small snack is fine! My name is Piet (70+) and I miss someone who com...

Image about Woman Child Center Spaarne Hospital South

Woman Child Center Spaarne Hospital South


About the Spaarne Gasthuis Do you want to mean something to someone else or are you looking for a nice way to spend your free time? Th...

Image about Who will be my girlfriend? (loneliness)
Te Zaanenkwartier

Who will be my girlfriend? (loneliness)

De Hartekampgroep

I am a young woman (slight intellectual disability) of 42 years old and I live with the Hartekamp Groep. The location in Bennebroek, th...

Image about Media team website haarlemeet

Media team website haarlemeet

Coalitie Haarlem Ontmoet

Would you like to help with the media team of the Haarlem Ontmoet website? We are looking for volunteers who like to help fill the site...

Image about F1 fans will you visit me?

F1 fans will you visit me?

De Hartekampgroep

My heart beats faster from F1 and I am a fan of sports such as baseball and tennis. I like to go to sporting events but also like to ma...

Image about Museum buddy

Museum buddy

Leger des Heils Haarlem

After years of living in a small circle and having developed himself considerably, the gentleman would like to go to a museum with some...

Image about Enrichment offered!
Delftwijk, Haarlemmerhoutkwartier, Meerwijk

Enrichment offered!

Maatjes GGZ

Do you like to challenge yourself? To put yourself in the world of someone else, even if it is very different from your own? We know ma...

Image about Going out together?
Oude Stad

Going out together?

Maatjes GGZ

Hi, I'm a 63-year-old woman. I like reading, walking, doing crossword puzzles, going to the theater and swimming. I'm looking for a bud...

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